About me. You thought that would be in the intro didn’t you?

As I said earlier I was diagnosed at a young age and I made myself “grow out of it”. I really didn’t but I did take myself off the medicine (by hiding those horrid pills in my pocket until my mom found them) and learn to cope with myself with the help from others. It’s way to late for me to get into that. Thats later. I’m just trying to be light for now. What I really want to do is post my thoughts and my way of thinking each day. Basically a “what comes to mind”. You may understand why I think the way I do and you may think WTF how does anyone get around like that. It’s challenging.

Today it snowed. Thats all it took for me to rise out of the bed, rush to get ready, and get in my car to see everything in my town. For some reason people hate snow?! I understand it does mess plans up….again I’m losing interest because it interest me and not you. You can either join in the fun with me or you can keep complaining. Yes, i’m leading somewhere with this story. The moral of this story is that people with ADHD really DO feel things deeper and differently. I notice the silence and the booming black clouds that follow snow. I like the thousands of memories it brings up as well as the sounds and smells that come with it. Even to each person that has made snow days from the past feel the way it does still to this day. From the time I walk out into it, its an instant flood of joy. One thing I don’t understand about people who don’t have ADHD is why they can’t enjoy every day like that? I can hear my grandparents fireplace, I can smell my babysitters old stove outside their house, I can see my parents fireplace and remember what clothes they dressed me in, the way my parents kept me warm the night before discussing the “big snow” only to arise the next morning to a new SNOW DAY! Even my neighbors houses and the people who surrounded and inhabited them made a snow day what it still is to me today even if these people are grown and gone. Even all of my school years were wonderful memories made on snow days. Leaving school because of an early dismissal due to snow was a game on challenge. My mom was screaming you are not driving and I was already skidding through town. Complicated isn’t it?! People with ADHD are avid thinkers. Like seriously to the point that I freak myself out a little. So, I guess the point I’m trying to make is that I hear people telling me how frustrated they get with me incessantly talking about something as simple as snow but what they don’t realize is that i’m getting just as frustrated with them that they don’t get as much joy as I do from it or that they aren’t putting everything together like I am! OR any day for that matter! Yes, I understand people have bad days yah yah yah. Point missed again and now back on track! So remember, if you have someone that you know that has ADHD just try and be patient. Let them enjoy it because to them it’s a ride not a dreary, snowy day. You may end up enjoying it.



Now…NOW that I have finally confirmed my email address at least 32,000 times I think this Intro will post. If it doesn’t take this time, I’m out haha!

This blog is going to be a journey about my ADHD and how it has affected and affects me today.

Now lets lay some ground rules:

1. I don’t want “behind your computer therapy” I’ve already been diagnosed and am off the medicine. Whats in the past is done.

2. I don’t want sympathy.

3. I want you to please understand my sense of humor which can get challenging HA.

4. If you are here and you’re a recipient of ADHD please re-read the whole first part of this because you aren’t tricking anyone and I KNOW that YOU don’t remember what you just read. Truthfully, I don’t know that I really remember what I typed.

I was diagnosed at a very young age because I was referred by a teacher that more than likely wanted to punch me. Do I blame her? Not really. ADHD was something new and I truthfully think that no one really knew what to make of it. I was the kid who talked constantly, you were going to know my plans and what I was thinking whether you wanted to or not (and thank GOD that people still love me and listen), and I was determined. D-Termined! I know thats not a word. Don’t ground me grammar police. And I promise I’m really not being rude!

Seriously, lets stay positive that I can write well enough that you can understand without an abacus and microsoft word reminding me of all my errors.